International Litigation and

Credit Documentation


In Foreign Jurisdictions

All three La Cima founders have law degrees and have experience with international enforcement of creditors’ rights around the world. Our team is leveraged by an extensive global network of counsel with whom we have longstanding relationships.

International Litigation Management





Insolvency Case Management







1. Collectively, we have recommended and overseen hundreds litigation and insolvency cases, including complex cases involving fraud. We have also enforced arbitration awards.

2. We assist clients in litigation strategy and the selection, engagement and oversight of litigation

3. We formulate possible litigation strategies and evaluate their cost-effectiveness.

4. We help ensure that litigation is being diligently prosecuted, that expense funds advanced by a client are appropriately expended, and that hourly-fee counsel charges are being controlled.

5. We alert clients when we see opportunities to settle, something hourly fee lawyers may fail to do.

6. In insolvency cases, we pro-actively represent a client’s claim, and can serve on a creditors’ committee.

Credit Documentation for International Transactions

Credit Document Preparation and Protocols


1. We help clients develop localized document templates.

2. We assist clients comport with local formalities (e.g., by knowing which jurisdictions require: a guarantor to hand-write a guarantee, use of stamped paper, and use a jurat (as opposed to a simple acknowledgment).

3. We also help document debt restructures, including arranging and perfecting collateral interests, and insuring that import tariffs are paid so that imported equipment is properly nationalized.

We provide clear and concise client focused expert advice in cores areas: company and commercial law, corporate, commercial dispute resolution through alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and litigation including international trade disputes, commercial property services, charity law, international trade and property.

Our Philosophy in International Litigation

As part of our service, our commercial litigation experts apply alternative dispute resolution services (ADR), where possible, and work with client businesses to construct the most efficient and cost-effective solution for them. These services may involve consensual processes such as negotiations and mediations in order to encourage parties to work together, with an aim to settle the commercial disputes out of court.

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